Axe Building Workshop

Workshop Durration: 3hrs

Participants are guided through the assembly of an axe. Using vintage forged heads hung and wedged on new hickory handles, each participant will learn every needed step to restoring an axe. The axes are sharpened and oiled and a leather sheath is built from raw leather and copper rivets.

Each participant will be invited to split some wood with the refurbished axe.


MISC Workshop Co-Op Forms

We have been working for years with each other to create great experiences for participants all around the country. Years of perfecting our craft and developing language for communicating unique skill-sets to people has finally paid off. This is the result, the formation of a workshop co-op. A place to research and find the right workshop for your group. MISC Workshops is a simple place that allows us to share our ideas about unique and special programming with people anywhere. Reach out to us and let us know what kind of programing you are looking for, from mobile blacksmithing to magic shows we probably know some maniac with a truck and a passion for teaching. Call any time we are always up early and out late.